Company Profile

Magnus Biotech was founded in the year 2003 with a vision to develop and manufacture premium pharmaceutical products to make a huge difference in mankind globally. Magnus is committed to creating life-changing drugs to bring mesmerizing influence on our patient’s life.

Magnus embarked on the journey in the pharmaceutical sector with the prescription drug segment including supplements, anti-bacterial drugs, and dental products. After hopping on the bandwagon of success in the market we expanded our product range in the crucial healthcare sectors such as neurological, gynecological, gastroenterological, dermatological, and psychotropic.

Team Magnus is constituted of leading healthcare professionals and business executives – all working together to build a better world for tomorrow.

Magnus’s R&D team employs cutting-edge technologies and is focused on establishing innovative and well-researched medicine to transform life and society. That said, the era is all about technology, we embrace the digital revolution to amplify our efficiency.

The passionate team at Magnus Biotech is proud of – what we do, who we are, and how we do it.

Our values are customer-centric, transparent, and integrity.

Our aim is to reach as many people as possible to offer them high-quality and imperative healthcare products at affordable prices.

Our success is creating breakthrough medicines that change a life.